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Boston City Council Boycotts Arizona May 8, 2010

(NECN: Scot Yount, Boston) - Boston is taking a stand against the state of Arizona and its recently passed stiff immigration law. The city council approved by a unanimous voice vote a resolution calling for the city to pull investments from the Grand Canyon State in protest.  Felix Arroyo/City Councilor: "As a city we do not believe in racial profiling to be good public policy and we believe to be an infringement on the constitutional rights of our citizens and the people who live in this country."  Does the Arizona law even call for racial profiling?  Have any of the Boston City Council Read the SB 1070 Law?  What other laws should be ignored due to political correctness?  See more sources Fox, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, NECN.


  1. This is the silliest thing in the world. RACIAL PROFILING!!!!! Its nuts. If somone commits a crime against me, how would I discribe that person to let the cops know who to be on the lookout for? Lets see....hmmm.... is it male or female (check), Hieght and weight (check), COLOR OF THIER SKIN! (check).
    What are we doing to police officers? White guilt is getting crazy. Noticing that a person is a different color than white is not racist! Using a persons color to highlight tactics against specific crimes is not racist. Its smart police work. Why do we have to pretend like they don't do it? Every colored person knows they do it. Now. Using a persons color and denying somone their rights to due process and presuming somone is guilty is a crime! it is wrong! it is racist!

    If there were a rash of illegal immigrants from Ireland I would understand pulling over white people and checking their I.D. These people from Boston have no idea how serious immigration issues are affecting southern states. Anyone who hasn't been below the mason dixon line in the last 5 years needs to take a vacation to southern texas and arizona.

  2. When someone compares the treatment of black citizens in the 1960's (which actually was racist) to illegal immigrants today under Arizona law, they are greatly down playing and misusing the word racist. Someone who does this does not fully understand American history. Unequal rights for US citizens based on skin color is racist. Locating and deporting illegal immigrants is not racist. Just because they happen to be mostly from the same country does not make it racist either.