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MA Gubernatorial Race May 28, 2010

Suffolk/ 7 News Poll
Conducted May 25, 2010.  (500 registered voters)
Charlie Baker Republican29%
Tim Cahill Independant (Democrat)14%
Deval Patrick Democrat42%
Jill Stein Green-Rainbow8%

Rasmussen Report
Conducted May 12, 2010.  (500 likely voters)
Charlie Baker Rebuplican31%
Tim Cahill Independant (Democrat)14%
Deval Patrick Democrat45%
Jill Stein Green-RainbowN/A

This will be an interesting race to follow because there will be 4 candidates on the ballot.  Someone could potentially win with as little as 26% of the vote.  People who have had enough of the current governor need to carefully choose who they endorse.  The incumbent will usually have the upper hand when running for re-election due to voter familiarity with his name.  In this case "Deval Patrick" has started out as the most popular candidate.  The obvious tragedy would be seeing an incumbent carelessly re-elected because the vote has been split 3 or 4 ways among the voters.  In a 4-way race you could have 74% of people vote for someone other than the incumbent and yet he would still win the election.  At this point in time, in a situation such as this if you really want a fresh new governor in Massachusetts your best shot is to vote for Charlie Baker.  Things may change over time but if your vote is split between the 2 weakest candidates it will essentially be a wasted vote.

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