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State Rep. Struck By Illegal Immigrant May 25, 2010

A serious car crash involving a local lawmaker Mike Moran and an intoxicated illegal immigrant is threatening to reignite already heated debates about immigration on Beacon Hill, according to police reports.  See full story at Fox.  In late April Moran voted in favor of state funding for illegal immigration.  He voted against Jeff Perry's amendment 119 which would require the state to verify citizenship status before handing out state benefits.  State police were unable to notify immigration authorities that Naranjo might be illegal because Gov. Deval Patrick revoked an order by former governor Mitt Romney three years ago which gave state police power to investigate immigration violations.  A passenger in Moran's vehicle is currently in critical condition.  Will tax payer dollars pay for vehicle repairs and hospital bills?  Do you think the suspected illegal immigrant has insurance?  Why does Massachusetts continue to enable illegal immigrants?  Is political correctness above the law?

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