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Earl Sholley Radio Interview June 7, 2010

Do you live in Massachusetts Congressional District 4?  If you live in one of the following towns Barney Frank is your voice in congress.  Does he do a good job representing you?

Acushnet BerkleyBrookline
Dartmouth DightonDover
Fairhaven Fall River Foxborough
Freetown HalifaxLakeville
Mansfield MarionMattapoisett
Middleborough MillisNew Bedford
Newton NorfolkNorton
Raynham RochesterSharon
Sherborn TauntonWareham
Wellesley Westport

Earl Sholley, Sean Bielat, Rachel Brown, Barney Frank.
Republican Primary Candidates, Democratic Primary Candidates.


  1. Do you really believe that Sean has no experience????????? He has two ivy league degrees (including an MBA from Wharton!), served as a Marine officer and still serves as a Major in the reserves, and ran a $100 million line of defense robotics? What was Earl again - a landscape company owner? Yeah, this is exactly who we need to pit against Barney Frank (for a second time).

  2. you're right about barney but are you sure bielat's the one with no experience?

    besides losing 5 elections what experience does earl have? i know he collects signatures for a living but does he have a full-time job? i heard someone say he went bankrupt or something while he was running his lawnmowing business.

    i think its a bad idea to make beilat look bad becuase he's probably going to win and have to run against barney.

  3. Dear Anonymous #1: Congress is currently chalk full of people with fancy MBA degrees. I believe what we need is an average Joe with a few more years of life under his belt. I deeply respect the fact that Sean serves this country as a Marine. Don't forget Earl was a Sergeant in the Army back in his day. No offense to Sean, simply stating that he isn't ready yet, is not being overly harsh.

  4. Dear Anonymous #2: Yes I'm sure Sean does not have enough experience at this point in time. I went to his web site and watched the video he had posted at the time and within 10 seconds I could tell he didn't have it. I got the impression he's in over his head from the way he spoke to a crowd in a bar. Maybe it was a poor video, but if that's the best he's got I don't think he's ready yet. Don't forget Abraham Linolcn lost 8 elections, failed in business 2 times and suffered a nervous breakdown, but I think we all agree he did a pretty good job. I'm sticking with Sholley this year. Thanks for the comments.