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Mass Illegal Immigration Crackdown June 2, 2010

Last Thursday the Massachusetts Senate passed a 22 page amendment to the 2011 budget that would crack down on illegal immigrants in the state.  The vote was 28-10.  Now it needs to get through the House and be signed by the Governor, who could potentially veto the amendment.  Read more at the Boston Herald or Fox.  To see the arguments against the budget amendment click here Boston Globe.  Interesting that liberals like Martha Coakley and Deval Patrick are suddenly concerned with cost when it comes to cracking down on illegal immigration.

Deval Patrick "questioned if the state could afford to pay for the new measures, even as he acknowledged he hadn’t read the 22-page budget amendment"

A Suffolk University/ 7 News Poll shows 84% of Massachusetts voters support requiring proof of citizenship to apply for state aid. Will Deval Patrick veto the bill and hurt his chances for re-election in November?  Will he flip flop on his illegal immigrant position and pass the bill?  If the federal government isn't doing it's job when should the states intervene?

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