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Obama Will Sue Arizona June 21, 2010

Hillary Clinton told NTN24 in Quito, Ecuador on June 8, 2010 that the Obama administration is planning to bring a lawsuit against Arizona over its recently passed anti-illegal immigration law SB-1070. According to President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, the Justice Department is currently in the process of deciding whether or not to file suit over Arizona's controversial immigration law, which Mr. Obama has called "misguided" and potentially discriminatory. "What a disappointment," Brewer told Fox News' Greta Van Susteren on Thursday, saying she was shocked the administration would make such an announcement on foreign TV without giving Arizona officials the news first. "We are not going to back away from this issue," Brewer said. "We are going to pursue it, we're going to be very aggressive," Brewer said. "We'll meet them in court ... And we will win." She added: "The population of America agrees with Arizona."

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  1. Comprehensive Immigration reform is code for amnesty for millions of illegals whom he believes will become future Democrat voters. Obama doesn't care about border security. GO Sholley!


  2. That is exactly right my friend. The Obama Administration isn't suing because Arizona did anything wrong. SB-1070 is a mirror image of the federal law. They are suing because the federal government can't stand to let the State have more power and control than it has concerning the immigration matter. Obama wants to use this crisis to gain voters by giving illegal immigrants amnesty. Remember the State's created the federal government not the other way around.