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Protesters at Funeral of Matthew Snyder June17, 2010

Snyder's legal battle began after his son, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew A. Snyder, 20, was killed in a Humvee accident in Iraq on March 3, 2006. A week later, Westboro Baptist members stood outside the funeral at St. John's Roman Catholic Church in Westminster, waving signs that said "Thank God for dead soldiers" and "God hates fags" as mourners grieved inside.  On Saturday, May 29, VFW delivered a powerful Declaration of Support to Albert Snyder, father of fallen Marine Matthew Snyder. Mr. Snyder is battling a hate group in court after they protested at the funeral of his son. In an outrageous legal decision, Mr. Snyder has been ordered to pay court costs.  On March 8, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case in the fall. More than 45 state attorneys-general have signed an amicus brief in support of the case, Snyder v. Phelps.  "It's an uphill battle," Snyder said Saturday. "People want to make this out as free speech. But to me, this case is about harassment," adding that he does not want other families to endure such pain.  Is the Westboro Baptist really a church or did they find a way to legally manipulate the system to protect their hateful worldview?

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