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Hurricane Earl: Strengthening August 30, 2010

With 14 days left until the primary elections in Massachusetts, Hurricane Earl is gaining strength in the warm Atlantic waters.  In congressional district 4 Earl Sholley, who is running against Barney Frank is also gaining strength in his primary race.  Veiw video's of Earl. See the actual weather report.

Earl Sholley is proud to announce the addition of Ron Villareale to his team as Campaign Manager. Ron has been working with the campaign for a month and was appointed Campaign Manager on Friday.

Ron is best known for representing the Governor and the people of Massachusetts from May 1984 - January 1986 as he carried a proclamation across America on horseback. For almost two years, through summer heat and winter cold, Ron was welcomed by the governors and mayors of every city and town he crossed in America. The theme of the project was POWs/MIAs, "We as Americans have never left men behind."

Dressed in colonial garb to remind America of her founding principles, Ron was asked to address radio and television talk shows, veterans’ organizations, conventions, schools, and civic organizations. He addressed City Council meetings, Chambers of Commerce and many other forums.

To millions of Americans, Ron Villareale represents the very meaning of patriotism. He restored faith for many Americans that the spirit of America is still strong, still alive. Because of national media attention during his historic ride, the license plates of the state were changed to “The Spirit of Massachusetts is the Spirit of America”.

More recently, Ron served as the District Manager on the South Coast for Jeff Beatty's 2008 Senate Campaign.

Ron knows that Barney Frank has never been more vulnerable. He believes that Earl Sholley has built a strong base of support over the years, and stands the best chance of defeating Barney Frank in November. Ron decided to get on board the Sholley Campaign because, as he stated, “This election is too important to be left to political newcomers.”

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