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TEA Party: Dead In District 4? September 16, 2010

D Massachusetts House District 4
Barney Frank (i)   39,911 80%
Rachel Brown      10,275 20%

R Massachusetts House District 4
Sean Bielat     11,693 60%
Earl Sholley    7,811 40%

Democrat Votes     50,186
Republican Votes     19,504
Total Votes     69,690
Population     600,000

Will Barney Frank get his 16th term in Congress after all?  Observe the numbers listed above.  This means roughly 11% of the population make the decisions about who to elect for the other 89% in Massachusetts Congressional District 4.  This is not a new trend.  On average 10-15% of the population vote in a primary election and 25-35% vote in a major election.  Why don't more people vote?  If American's are largely unhappy with government and the way the country is going wouldn't they take some initiative?  It's easy to compare the bluest of the blue democrats and the redest of the red republicans.  Dem's out number the GOP by 30,000 votes in D-4.  Based on voter turn out alone, is the TEA party dead in district 4?

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