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Knuckle Head of the Day: Virginia Ironside October 5, 2010

Author and columnist Virginia Ironside appeared on a BBC show recently and explained that it would be better for a mother to kill a disabled child than to allow it to live in suffering. When questioned by the host to clarify the statement, she unabashedly doubles down on the conviction, asserting that many other mothers would agree. She suggests her “horror at suffering is much greater than getting rid of a couple of cells.” Read more: The Daily Caller.

1 comment:

  1. “Speaking as a former fetus” I would rather experience life to any degree than to have progressive’s play God and make that decision for me. Especially when it’s based off of what one feels is a moral obligation at this point in time. That’s the problem with pluralism and relativism, there are no absolute truths. These philosophies self implode. Everything is based on individual preference, and preferences continually change. A bit narcissistic if you really think about it. I digress, I have no monopoly on the truth, either. Just saying this woman has a lot of nerve to imply that most mothers would rather kill their own children than see them in pain. I’ll give her my knucklehead of the day award.