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MA 2010 Ballot Questions October 20, 2010

Vote Yes, Yes, Yes and here is why.  Basically voting yes on all 3 questions will get Massachusetts headed in the right direction to downsize government spending, government waste and government inefficiency.  The opposition will tell you that local aid will be cut, and that our cities and towns will loose policemen, firemen and teachers.  This is doesn't have to be the case.  Here's how it works, check it out.  We vote Yes, Yes, Yes to reduce taxes.  Essentially the budget will go from $28B to $24B.  Our leaders on Beacon Hill then have a choice.  They can cut the waste or cut the good stuff.  Waste is the bloated pension system, waste is housing and assistance to illegal criminals, waste is "you name it" lets get creative.  Every household in the State is cutting back on their budget yet the government keeps expanding.  We Can reform the Massachusetts budget and keep all the good stuff that is vital to our communities.  I refuse to buy into these scare tactics from the teachers union and the far left.  I also refuse to be held hostage by Beacon Hill.  If we vote Yes, Yes, Yes and Beacon Hill cuts funding for our police, fire and teachers, in the next election cycle we vote them all Out, Out, Out.

Vote Yes on Question #1 - Official Web Site
This ballot question repeals the 6.25% sales tax on beer, wine, and liquor imposed last year. Massachusetts' consumers have always paid a substantial excise tax on alcohol purchases. However, before last year, Massachusetts had no sales tax on the purchase of alcohol. The new sales tax should be repealed because it is an unfair "double tax;" a sales tax on top of an excise tax. The new sales tax has hurt small business owners who sell beer, wine, and liquor, particularly near New Hampshire, which has no sales tax on alcohol. Business has declined substantially for many of those stores. A 'yes' vote eliminates an unfair "double tax" on consumers and helps Massachusetts small businesses.

Vote Yes on Question #2 -  Official Web Site
Ballot initiative 2 is a grass roots effort started by citizens to repeal the so-called affordable housing law “40B” which was first adopted in 1969. Although affordable housing is a good concept,40Bs implementation is so flawed that the Massachusetts Inspector General called it “the biggest financial scandal in state history,” a “pig fest” and “developer welfare.” You can watch the inspector general’s testimony on YouTube.
To read complete article, click here.

Vote Yes on Question #3 - See the Opposition - Official Web Site
Voting Yes will roll back the Massachusetts sales tax from 6.25% to 3%.  This will create 33,000 new private sector jobs, give back an average of $688 every year to each tax payer (over $900 per family), force state politicians to cut government waste, keep shoppers in Massachusetts- instead of driving them to New Hampshire's 0% sale tax, attract shoppers from Rhode island, Connecticut, Vermont, and New York- another boost for Massachusetts retailers.

Make an informed decision when you Vote on November 2, 2010

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