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The Liberal Voting Christian Part 2

In order to further examine this topic and properly answer the question, "What political view ought a Christian have? conservative or liberal?"   Here is a chart I have put together that covers the basic core elements of both perspectives.  Again this is just a starting point and it is an over simplification of the two belief systems.  There are many variations and combinations of the two.  My hope is that this will spark some good debate.  And cause some authentic thinking.

God given rightsstate given rights
pro lifepro abortion
traditional marriagesame sex marriage
tax lesstax more
spend lessspend more
fewer programsmore programs

These are some of the polarizing issues that tend to draw a clear line in the sand.  From a Christian perspective I attempted to rank them in order of importance.  The value of an unborn child's life is a big game changer that trumps most other issues in order of magnitude.  While I hear "love thy neighbor" used as an argument to justify giving well fare to the poor by way of taxing the rich, isn't advocating for your neighbors right to be born an even greater act of love?

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