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Wealth Inequality In America: REMIX

This is my reaction to the "Wealth Inequality In America" video that went viral.  These are my thoughts as a young conservative living behind enemy lines in the Common Wealth of Massachusetts.

This is the original video that went viral getting over 4 million views in 10 days.  The narrator claims that a little bit of socialism would be a good thing.  I don't buy it.


  1. Hey Nate,
    Good job. I'm with you 92% LOL 100%

    I live in socialist progressive England.
    Everything you buy (except grocery items) is taxed 20%. We pay about $9.00 a gallon for gas and have a government controlled health care. One local hospital has no x-ray machine, not even a copy machine. The narrow third world road system is full of huge pot holes. 2" of snow, shuts businesses, rail and airports. Most of the tax money goes to people who have never worked, having children they don't care for who won't work. Send the liberal socialists over here for a hands on education.

  2. Haha Thanks! What about the other 8%? Sorry to hear about your inefficient government over in the United Socialist Kingdom. I guess people like to think of government as a charity to they can feel good about having their wealth confiscated.

  3. I think the importance of finding popular opinion on the subject is important because it tells us what most people think. Whether or not they are right or well-informed is an important, but separate matter. If more people WERE informed we'd have different representatives in office.


  4. I watched the Wealth Inequality video. I wanted to use it in the classroom and needed a contrasting point of view. Rather than writing/doing it myself, I decided to search for another video. I found your video- what a relief. I love it when I can save time AND promote the someone’s work,. However, within seconds of previewing your video (the shotgun) I realized that it would not be appropriate for the classroom. But I continued because I knew that I could edit the intro. And then, well, I watched and listened as you set up your argument. Not only do you make assumptions on what Americans think and what the original author intended but then you do as much yourself. If you want lead, if you want to change our minds, do it with data, objective reasoning, and a consistent style. You sound like a spoiled brat throwing an fit. How can I teach a class of students how to construct argument from this video when your definitive information is hidden in sarcasm and smugness? Maybe you don't intend for others to learn from you? There are many of us who agree with most of what you are saying. Do yourself a favor and those that can learn from you- allow yourself to write objectively therefore casting a wider net and lose the attitude so we can all watch without embarrassment. And now I have to do this work myself.

  5. In addition, many of your quotes in the Politician segment contain errors in punctuation.