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Record Number of Women Running For Congress April 30, 2010

You'd think Sarah Palin would be praised for being an average person standing up for what she believes in, that's what you'd think.  She took action, ran for office and actually did something instead of sitting on the side lines complaining.  But the main stream media didn't recognize that.  If you find your self beginning to dislike Palin ask yourself, why?  Is it because you disagree with her positions or because you've been bombarded with negative media over and over again?  After a while all the negative news can begin to sink in subconsciously and you exchange the truth for a lie.  She may not be ready to run for president but if she were your next door neighbor would you still harbor such animosity?  Is Sarah Palin held to a different standard than Nancy Pelosi?  This year a record number of women are running for congress.  You may not hear much about it because most of them happen to be conservative.  See full story at The Washington Post.

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