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Felipe Calderón Against Arizona Law May 21, 2010

After appearing before Congress and attacking Arizona’s new illegal immigration law, Mexican president Felipe Calderón appeared on CNN to talk shop with Wolf Blitzer.  Blitzer turned the tables on the president, opting to ask him instead about his country’s immigration laws, and whether they were just as strict (if not stricter) than Arizona’s.  See the full story at Mediaite.  Consider this:  In Mexico if you don't have the proper papers they send you back to where you came from.  Immigration to Mexico is a process where you have to fill out certain documents and go through proper channels to be recognized as a citizen.  By the way the language in SB-1070 has been changed (click here to read the referendum) so a person cannot be pulled over because they look illegal.  A “lawful stop, detention or arrest” needs to be made first.  So what exactly is wrong with the Arizona law again?  When is it ever ok to be illegal?  Is political correctness damaging our country?

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  1. My favorite quote from Felipe Calderon... So what happens if immigrants come into Mexico illegally? "we send back them if they do it without permissions" -Felipe Calderon