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Arizona Comissioner Fights Back May 20, 2010

The LA city council jumped on the bandwagon with the Boston city council and others around the country in boycotting Arizona over the newly passed illegal immigration law SB-1070.  This time Arizona is fighting back.  Read the letter written by Gary Pierce, a commissioner on the five-member Arizona Corporation Commission is telling Antonio Villaraigosa, the Mayor of LA, to either seriously cut all ties with Arizona (including the electricity) or reconsider the wisdom of a boycott.  A good chunk of LA's power comes from Arizona.  If the boycott continues Arizona could potentially pull the plug on LA.  Is Obama's lack of leadership polarizing the country and vetting state against state?  Is it fair for Obama to take sides with certain states over others?  Aren't we called the "United" States?  It is it called when the federal government starts lording over the states?

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  1. That's ok Antonio Villaraigosa...I'm sure you don't really need any power generated in Arizona. Keep going with the spineless economic boycott. In fact why don't you sign up to get power from the Cape Wind Project? I'm sure that project will come in under budget and on schedule with plenty of green and efficient power to spread around the country. Oh wait, never mind, Cape wind will only power a small part of Cape Cod for $4 billion. What a great idea.