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TEA Party Victories: Primary Results May 19, 2010

Four states had primaries elections yesterday.  The most notable upset was in Pennsylvania when Arlen Specter lost the democratic primary after 30 years of serving as Senator.  Are the citizens ready to through the bums out?

US Senate: John Boozman (R) beat Jim Holt (R).  Blanche Lincoln (D) beat Bill Halter (D)

(TEA Party Victory)
US Senate: Rand Paul (R) beats Trey Grayson (R).  Jack Conway (D) beats Daniel Mongiardo.

(All incumbents made it through the primaries)
Jim Huffman (R) beat Loren Later (R).  Ron Wyden (D) beat Loren Hooker (D).

(TEA Party Victory)
US Senate: Pat Toomey (R) beat Peg Luksik (R).  Joe Sestak (D) beats Arlen Specter (D).

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