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About My Endorsements October 31, 2010

Over the past week I have endorsed specific candidates running for office in Massachusetts.  I would like to explain my thinking process.  Judging from my choices it may seem as though I am a republican.  This is not true.  I have always been an un-enrolled voter.  I don't get excited about the word "Republican".  I get excited about the idea of preserving the constitution, interpreting the words of the constitution accurately and being responsible with tax dollars.  While the ideals of the "Democratic" party sound warm and fuzzy and seem like a good thing to stand for, when I look deeper I see that their liberal methods are not fair or logical and actually serve to take away freedom from the people, stifle economic growth and give way too much power and control to the government.  In politics I have learned it is better to vote for the lesser of 2 evils than to ignore both sides of a wounded system.  The bottom line is that government is spending more money than ever before and taking over private businesses.  The worst result of the past 2 years has been Obama Care.  We need to de-fund and repeal the health care bill as priority number 1.  Next we need to stop wasteful government spending and let the free market handle the economy.  The candidates I have picked are certainly the best choice to get our country back on track.  No matter what your opinion may be please remember to vote.

Due to long lines at polling places it has been decided that republicans will be voting on Tuesday and Democrats will be voting on Wednesday.

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  1. Man those lines were huge I hope tomorrows lines will be a little longer ;-)